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In the Spring of 2014, I was swimming laps with a friend when I experienced a tingling in my left arm. At my friend's insistence, I went to a clinic and then to the hospital, where I found out that I had had a heart attack due to SCAD.

SCAD stands for Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection, a cause of heart attack that begins with a tear within the layer of one or more arteries to the heart. Because SCAD typically affects women who appear healthy and who have little to no risk factors (like smoking, obesity, diabetes, or a history of heart disease), SCAD often goes misdiagnosed or mistreated. Little-known, poorly understood, and its research under-funded, SCAD is the #1 cause of heart attacks among women under 50 and the #1 cause of heart attacks in pregnant women and new mothers.

I feel fortunate to have survived. I owe my life to the family, friends, doctors, and nurses who cared for me. But I am still at risk, SCAD can reoccur. I would feel even more fortunate to be able to make a difference.

SCAD doesn't discriminate. It can happen to anyone, from teenagers to people in their 70s. Men can also be affected, although occurrences are less common. This type of heart disease demands our time, money and attention if we ever hope to learn more about how it works, how to treat it, and most importantly, how to enhance awareness and prevention.

All profits from Cards w/ Cause will be given to SCAD Research, Inc., a volunteer-run, nonprofit organization dedicated to raising money for the most promising research on SCAD. Every profit dollar will help to find answers and raise awareness about SCAD, heart disease, and women's health. Every card is an opportunity for education and conversation.

Heart disease is the #1 killer of women. It needs to be our #1 priority.

Please join me in this effort.

Thank you,

Diane Berger


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